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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Free Advice

Is there ever such a thing as "free advice"? Well, if there is a free lunch.
Usually everyone has that spouse, sister, relative, friend, office colleague or neighbor that can't stop pelting advices at you. Infact, they are so good at giving this free stuff out, that they just can't help themselves.
Ever wonder what the psychological makeup of this person might be? Maybe they just want to feel like being a part of everything you do, or fear being left out, outgrown, forgotten, or then maybe, just maybe (for one second), they only have ur best interest at heart. Think about it.

Hope u have someone like that in your life. It's one blessing you can always count on. Literally!

So go ahead and appreciate that special person in your life....TODAY!

Extra Special Days this month:
May 27th - Happy Birthday Dearest hubby!

Notable days this month:

May 23rd - World Turtle Day - yup, celebrate the easy going, slow moving animal in you!
May 25th - Self Reliance Day - Celebrate the one person reliably most unreliable.
May 28th - Mothers day (Sweden) - Celebrating moms again.
May 31st - World Poetry Day .. Unleash the 'beast' in you...ahmm, I meant 'best'.


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