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MY MUST DO Master List

Monday, June 14, 2010

Things to do - Master List

Tick tock tick.

I'm at the point where I can say -- with high assurance -- that I think I've heard it all.
    1. The biological clock is ticking.
    2. I'm not getting any younger.
    3. All of my friends (except two, but who's counting) are parents of multiple delicate ones.
    4. If I take too long, I won't have strength to play with them, or stay up waiting when they're out late.
    5. I'll look like their grand parent. And People will ask.
    6. Having them will make a responsible person out of me. (Whoever came up with that one sure doesn't know me!)
    7. .......

You get the drift. So, time to do some serious thinking. As the 'well wishers' have been saying, "It's now or never". As VJ says, "Take one week to decide." One week??? It's a life altering decision. My life altering decision. One false move, and life will never ever ever be the same again. *MY LIFE*. And then there's the pact. Needs perfect timing.

So, while the oven is still in warranty, we need to do some serious baking. It's old-er, but smoking good for the money. It's had its day in the sun, now needs to cater to the family wishlist. So, what'll it be? Some nice well baked cupcakes, or brownies? Or both? Hey, it's a wish list.

But before we get to all that baking shaking (no pun intended), let's revisit the life altering part. So before I give up everything that I've enjoyed, all that I've known, done and been, I thought I would make a Things to do list. Things to do before the baked goodies arrive. Or rather, to be precise, things to do before we start baking. And no, I don't mean gather the ingredients!!

Things to do:
Start blogging again.
Visit 7 countries
Get on Facebook, twitter, etc (Yeah, one of these days!)
De-clutter the closet
Grow my nails
Get my own domain
Finish writing 'the story'
Learn gardening - enough with killing plants already
Get fit (Oh, Boy!)
Learn Digital Photography (tricks at least)
Get a new smart phone (not iPhone, sorry DH)
Travel the 50 states
Visit the northern-most, southern-most, and western-most tips of the country.
Why should the east be left behind? Visit the eastern-most tip twice.
Adopt a village
Eat shrimp without Benedryl (and live to blog about it)
Eat escargots
Drink 12 cups of water daily
Attend a movie premiere
Watch the midnight release show of a movie
Buy Jimmy Choos
paint the bedroom
Meet Karan Johar

Sighhh.... Miles to go before we bake.... Miles to go before we bake.


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