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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I hate LUV storys : It's not a love story.....

 ...its a saga.

I've been waiting eagerly for this day for the last few months...ever since the first promos of this movie showed up. If the previews are so lovable, how cute is the movie going to be? Will the movie do justice to the sky high expectations of discerning, intelligent, no-nonsense movie goers of today? Well, yes and no. For starters, we were the only people in the entire theater today for the evening show. But that's because it released in the middle of the week here in the United States. And, let's face doesn't have quite the cult following that Twilight does. As we contemplate marketing strategies *finally* a group of four girl friends walked in. Then a mother-daughter couple. Then a single guy.  Wow, talk about diversity.

Back to the saga at hand:

While this is your formulaic NRI family crowd movie from a 40,000 ft view, it is a quintessentially modern take on love these days. It's an offspring of DDLJ and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, if you will.  But a well groomed offspring . Bears all the hallmarks of a KJo Production.

Also, it comes in layers. I love a movie that has several layers woven in. And several subtle 1-2 punches mind you. But you have to look for some... ain't starlets sporting MM sarees on premiere nights...acute references and back hand services to other director's works :-). Others are more obvious. Won't disclose more. You find em.

Then there's your evergreen reinvented next generation Raj and Simran, and a teesra. I would have much preferred a Kuljeet in the story.  While it starts off as a typical DDLJ take-off with the same happy-go-lucky boy meets engaged-girl routine, Punit Malhotra has some neat twists up his sleeve. His writing is good. Some of the dialogues are truly iconic. and fresh. They will come home with you long after you have left the theater. I just wish there wasn't so much emotional ping-pong going on. She loves him, but he doesn't love her, then he loves her, but she doesn't want to go back there, then he doesn't, then she does, and then he does - coz Maa said so. Whatever.  Could have skipped one iteration.

Oh, and by the way, LOVED the T-shirts. Go get yourself some. I believe the IHLS merchandise is available for sale in India. *envy*. If there is anything to hate, it's probably the excessive brand placement throughout the movie.

About the Cast:

Imran and Sonam certainly look good together. Imran fits his character like a hand in a well fitting cashmere glove. Sonam surprises with her infectious smiles and her charming acting. She certainly does her character justice. Simran (yes, that's her name) comes off as a very lovable confused girl. Very lovable. She shows us bubbly, dreamy, confused, morose with utmost dexterity. Kavin Dave's comic timing is impeccable. Impeccable. Perhaps the best in the movie. A jewel in the making. The rest of the star cast looks like they were picked up at auditions held outside Ekta Kapoor's studios. Totally TV land.

While Pooja Ghai seems to fit into her role reasonably, Aamir Ali looks like a misfit. Surely his acting could have been better than that. And yes, he always has that wide-eyed expression. Anju Mahendru was wasted away. Ketaki Dave spares us the usual gujju Daksa Ben loudness and shows us she can do better if the director will allow her. Her unusally muted performance is admirable and a great refresher. (Probably for her as well.) She even emotes with her eyes. And while Samir Soni looked like he was hamming in his opening sequences, he seemed to melt into his character's mould pretty nicely as the movie went along. He grows on you. Sameer Dattani 's (however you want to spell it) character was cute, but he can't seem to emotionally connect with the audience (which in my opinion is good for this story.) Imran Khan steals the show out and out - just like he did in Jaane Tu... He imbibes the character of J so well, that you just can't feel anything for any other guy the whole 2 hrs 15 minutes you are in there.You're totally on HIS side.

Go watch it. It's a keeper. If you loved DDLJ, and you loved Jaane Tu....then you will love this baby. After all, it's all about loving the parents!



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