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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Friday F&F

Clearly, our local (American) movie theater has decided to go Indie. First I thought - this must be a one off thing, you know, for the Hollywood release of Kites...but four week^ends and three Hindi movies later, time to call it a neo-tradition, shall we? Someone has spotted a business niche. But who are we to complain? The move has significantly reduced our Hindi movie commute (yes, we used to do it diligently. And yes, sleazy-uncle-who-thinks-he's-Aamir-Khan will miss our business. But, he will survive. More about him some other day.)

I wasn't planning on watching Raavan first day, but I have to say- the hype, the overused-and-everywhere visuals, the incessant and unending interviews, countless "makings videos", and 'personal' invites from Abhishek Bachchan in every social media format have kind of made me curious. Yes, I am a sucker for marketing. Good marketing, and over marketing. Both get to me. It's a different thing that Raavan falls into the latter. Have been hearing about it since 2007... don't want to hear any more. Too bad. I don't think they needed it. (Maybe they do....only one way to find out!)

Jokes apart the real reason is this. I watched Raajneeti first day when it released...before reading any reviews. And I thought it was 'brilliant-minus-one-star'. So, to be fair, I want to watch Raavan first day, and before any gossip hits my ears. (But Raavan is still way over marketed than Raajneeti was.) ...and I'm not going to do movie reviews - that's not my job. Movie reviewers are dime a dozen, and some of them who know their craft do a pretty damn good job of it. So, what I'm going to do tomorrow is an au contraire of Ramayan vs Mahabharat, err, I mean Raavan vs. Raajneeti - Adapting to the 21st century.

So Beera, it's a date, then!


Oh, and before I forget, (which I will..) don't forget to catch the special episode "We, the Tweeple" on NDTV with BD. I have it set on DVR. Do u?


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