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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Agli local se aana....

Kal Reema ki shaadi hai. Reema is getting married to a Harvard educated Political Science MBA double gold medallist. Wow. Her life is made. Two nights ago she met Brijesh at the Coffee Day® at Mindtree to tell him that. Brijesh was not happy to say the least. But he wasn't shocked either. A first. For some time now, he knew that all was not well between him and his college sweetheart Reema. He just couldn't put his finger on it. Everyone else could. The flip flopping, bringing the gal pals along on movie nights, the 'friend' introductions, were signs to some. They whispered in the girls locker. And then word got around to the boys locker. But Brijesh wouldn't hear one word of it. And no fist fights for this hero. He was the much adored, much loved, much sought-after, much witty, quintessential everyone's buddy type of guy. So can this happen to a him?
He snapped out of it. She gulped down the remaining coffee, and said good bye. No emotions there that day. She didn't even throw away her cup. Spoilt girl. As she left for her bridal shopping with the in-laws, Brijesh noticed something. Scribbled on the cup were four words - Agli local se aana. In her handwriting.
"Reems...", he shouted. Too late. She had gone too far already. As Brijesh sat there staring at the cup... be continued..


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