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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can we have some better news, PLEASE

Or just NEWS for that matter.

So bored of the same old same old "breaking news". It's not even funny. Moving from scandal to scandal can be quite saturating...but when the scandals dry up, then come out the loser news. Breaking news- college girl slaps professor. Breaking news -AK has dinner with SRK . What is wrong with this picture? Do we only care about Bollywood, Politics and Perverts? Hell, yeah for the first two but the media shouldn't. That's the point. (I was wondering where I was going with this.)

And, I have officially given up on Times of India online. What a load of tabloid. There I said it out loud. And their writers...wullah don't even get me started on them. Some of them are under the impression that they're writing blogs. They've forgotten that they are writing for one of the most (has been?) prestigious papers in the country. As a journalist, please do not express your views in the article. Please. There are tons of gossip sites, fashion sites, glamor sites, movie sites, blogs, etc etc etc for these purposes. Plus almost everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days. (me included). News - we have just the news companies. And just a handful of the honest, neutral, non-colored simply reporting types at that. Yes, that's right, we don't want to know what you think about an actress holidaying with her husband, and her in-laws joining them. We would just like the article please...IF it has an iota of reporting value to it. My first year Comm Skills teacher would have had a fit. Her moto (quoting Ms SE): Build a premise for the article that satisfies the core goals of reporting, and then write to the goal. Time to remind the news folks. So Behave!! or Leave. You are now warned. Next time your name will be on the board.


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