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Monday, July 05, 2010

What a disaster, Sirji....

Life has been such a bore lately. Nothing interesting on TV either. The long rein at the box office is long over. I am so disappointed (and so J) that we wont get to watch Tere Bin here. What wimps. Since I'm not one to watch the movie on a pirated print, I guess I will have to make do and live off of second hand stories about the movie.

Meanwhile, shifting focus to some other films coming up.. Inception, Salt, Aisha, and Once upon a time (which Shobhaa De has been so creatively writing about has piqued my interest.) Inception seems interesting. I hope they didn't mess it up. Salt - at least loved the trailers. Angelina is one fit mommy. Aisha is going to be girlie girlie fun.. if you like that kind of stuff. I do. And Once in a while comes along a movie that both Hubby and I are looking forward to. Once upon a time in Mumbai - can't wait.


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