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Monday, July 19, 2010

Agli Local se Aana - Part 2

(For the earlier episode in this story click here Part 1.)

"Tere Liye...Jhoomu deewana banke Tere liyee...wada hai mein hoon tere liyeeee..." crooned Shruti Kalra's phone. As she tried to silence it, she noticed the name Brijesh flashing on the screen through her partly opened eyes. It was early by her standards. When you go to bed at 5am with enough Vodka inside you to light a thousand laterns in a rural village, anything before 2pm is early. Mom and Dad had given up on her. There were more kids, so the Khaandan was not in jeopardy.
As she rolled to her side, she reluctantly picked up the call. Reluctant because their last meetings were totally worth drowning in tons of Stolichnaya.
"I can't believe it's you. After all this time. I thought you would have killed yourself by now. Most men your age do that these days you know after what you've been subjected to."
"Thanks, but there's no time for pleasantries", Brijesh replied back. "I need your help. Are you up for it?"
"Of course, I am. Always", she replied.
"No, I mean you have to be my friend. Can I count on you?". Now she was awake. Masala cuts Vodka you see.

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