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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aisha kya kar daala?

Looking forward to Aisha and yet, not so looking forward to it.

Looking forward because it comes with a tremendous sense of accomplishment - for a young team. Many firsts, many feats. Looking forward because of the yummy clothes, delish shoes, and ax's throughout the movie. Stylistically very superior. Looking forward because it marks the entry of a very savvy young investor/enterpreneur - Rhea Kapoor. Looking forward because there's no looking back for Anil Kapoor Productions from this point on. Looking forward because Anil Kapoor has a tremendous amount of good karma and infectitious charm. Ofcourse the last one has nothing to do with the movie but it makes it all the more endearing. NOT looking forward to an Abhay Deol. There's only so many times you can see him emote the same way. Not looking forward to a girly girl sugar candy story these days. Since OATIM happened, the mood is for hot and spicy not jalebis. Not looking forward to a "delhi" story. Sorry, but that city is all about Power, Politics and Corruption for me, so the 'finesse' of Delhi and Delhi-ites (especially southern) is so lost on me. Much like colored sprinkles on ice cream. (Yes, I totally hate 'em). After all the hisaab kitaab is done, I think I still need to see this movie. I hope it brings all the charm, panache and the chutzpah. Expect nothing less than a fantastic entertainer. Yes, in spite of Abhay Deol. I just wish Anil Kapoor had a cameo in it. I love seeing his lit up face and baby laugh. (A whole post on him someday).

Meanwhile, while we are on our favorite topic -- Politics.. and the tamasha thereof, must say, the CWG debacle unrolled much faster than even IPL. Heads of pawns have rolled, but they are just that... pawns in the bigger scheme of things. Nothing will change. Pawns will go, new ones will be ready to jump in. With their safari suits, gold chains and leather pouches in hand. And I have to say, this government has gone from bad to worse to worst in record time. Every month we have a new scandal, a new major issue, or the same old violence. Everything is out of hand. I have much respect for Chiddu, but his Ministry has been kept plenty busy and he hasn't even used one opportunity to show us how as Indians, we must stand up and do a better job of internal crises. Set an example. To ourselves. To the world.
Instead, we are putting on display how bad a management company we are. All ministries. We cannot manage prices, we cannot manage Malaria and other epidemics (before they become epis), we cannot manage people's anger, we cannot manage farmers needs, we cannot manage middle class worries, we cannot provide worry-free bribe-free education. We cannot provide air safety, we cannot provide rail safety, we cannot enforce traffic laws and safety, we cannot provide infrastructure, we cannot execute or host a world class sporting event, we cannot convince the world to do what is right for us, we cannot convince our people after 50 years that they are very much us.

Epic Fail.


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