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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Live Peep into Peepli Live

2010 is hot. Many good movies, and many more to come. The awards juries have a tough year on their hands. But as is usual business, there are enough awards to go around for everyone. At least once.

Meanwhile, our local theater is NOT screening Aisha...but they will be screening Peepli Live. I find that rather amusing. Aisha is more generic ff (family friendly/ Female friendly) than the cussing Peepli-L. And while Peepli is hot on my list, I can't seem to convince myself that I'm going to like this one. First off, the genre this movie represents is quite confusing, which makes how-to-react-to-this-one rather a big problem. It's raw comedy, reality style, tongue-in-cheek and veiled velvet glove punches to some major string pullers in our country. Ms Rizvi's use of character actors is refreshing..but I suspect the movie will suffer from a 'Trishanku' effect.. You know stuck between two worlds. To some it is a twist on a hard hitting "reality" of life, while to others it is a comical thing. Some will be emotionally connected to the film, while some only to their popcorn. Some will squirm in their seats realizing the obvious pointed references to themselves, while others will simply not catch every nuance. I am excited to peel off the various layers in the movie... I hope there are enough.


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