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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flags, Speeches aur Dhoka

Happy Independence Day to all. And while we are on the subject, let me say that we have had enough of the up-side-down flag incidents. Total Dhoka right before our gullible eyes. Our neighbors *unintentionally* do it. Careless government employees do it. Whatever. It's not that hard. Orange on top, green under. Orange on top, green under. Repeat. (Or, as Mr. Murthy, our 8th std Maths teacher would say, "Repeat me") :-)

I listened to some high profile speeches today. Lots of words, lots of touching upon *important* topics. At least we know that they know that we know that some things are very important to us ordinary folks even though we don't really show that we care. Yes, it's important to us that people don't laugh at the sorry state of the Corrupt Working Games. It's important to us that violence be dealt with. It's important to us that we treat our neighbors "just as" they treat us. Both over and under the table. It's important that we finally get all the infrastructures that we have been promised for a gazillion elections. Yes, it's true - Not just the rural folks, but today even the ultra urban metro folks need Bijlee, Paani, Sadak, and Aspataals. Thank God and yourselves for Kapda and restaurants. Where are those "world class cities", may we ask? And how can we get there?

Yes, everything that is important to us was touched upon. The number of lines each issue got was, let's say, directly proportional to it's TV value.

Very dissapointed. Time for change. But then, what's our choice? Bad or worse? Time to get serious. We need *real* lawmakers. Visionaries. Not pocket maars who are cutting our pockets, and the state coffers and filling their own. Choor Kaheenkay.

And to top it all... guess what the latest news from the parliament was this week... "All parties stand united for one cause". Really? They actually came together and agreed on something? So BSP MPs agreed with Congress who agreed with BJP who agreed with DMK who agreed with AIADMK who agreed with Samajwadi Party who agreed with Trinamool Congress who agreed with Janata Dal? Wow. Must be of national importance. Of course!! A five-fold increase in MP's salaries was of dire national importance. Great going guys.
Long live the 63 year old empire!

Good night.


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