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Monday, June 25, 2007

New Beginning....

Now that the year has come and gone, and yet another solstice has gone by.. I would like to remind myself of these useless things called "new year resolutions" I keep making and breaking every year. So what's the point of resolutions if you cant resolve yourself to sticking to them? (FYI, some of them aren't really resolutions, they actually are overly optimistic assumptions about yourself coupled with your desire to achieve the unachievable.) So, today I thought, now that half the year is almost behind me, and I still haven't written a single entry into my blog this calendar year, what can I do to get back onto track? You guessed right.. I'm going to fudge the year a bit!
Lets say, my year starts with reference to the Solstice (true solar year). Since 21st was Solstice, today is only the 5th day of the year!! What a great start!

Ok, so I am now back in business. But it's been so long since I wrote something that was not technical, and that I wasn't being paid for, that I had almost forgotten who I am in this avatar, and who I write for. Uh, that would be ME on both counts, btw.
Also, I got tired of last year's solstice photo.... its too...last year. Now, I'm not one for trendy stuff, most often I sport someting that is NOT in fashion. So, accordingly, I'm going to put up something that is more in fashion all the time... or rather a little more timeless.

Can you guess what this is a picture of?

Clue #1: It's timeless (hehee)
Ok, Clue #2: Everyone's everyone has been there at some point of time.
Clue #3: Picture Clue.. coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!