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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you have an angel?

Today I can proudly say, "Yes!, I have an angel that is looking out for me...wont let me fail...falter or be hurt.... encourages me to no end, and is always always spontaneously spreading good thoughts about me."

Can this person be for real. I have always thought, "Whats in it for him? What does he get by encouraging me? What does he get if I succeed? What does he loose if I dont?" Answer: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

In this day and age, I think the word for him is mentor.. but when your mentor goes OUT OF HIS WAY to encourage you and takes personal pride in your succeess, what do you call him? How do you express your gratitude? How do you pay back?

Some debts can't be paid back. They just can't. Your only hope is to pay them forward.

So, today's post is simply to say, "thanks for believing in me, thanks for encouraging me, thanks for seeing the positives in me, and thanks for all the nice things you tirelessly say about me." Gossip is like the whisper in Chinese Whispers, it is bound to come back to you through the other ear. It just makes my day to hear the nicest things back about me, over and over.

Pic of the day: Guess what script this is??

BTW, last time's pic was of Bandstand. [Pic courtesy of A.] Guess KSK was the closest.. Good job KSK!